Our products are manufactured by using Virgin oils to ensure that our clients have the optimal performance and efficiency.

Transformer Oil

A Low Viscosity hydrocarbon mineral oil processed from a selected Virgin Base stock

Quenching Oils

Best Quench Oils are formulated with selected low sulphur base stocks having excellent oxidation

Circulating Oils

Our comprehensive range of world-class circulating oils and product support

Gear Oils

We offer premium quality extreme pressure type Industrial gear lubricants meeting most demanding requirements of new

Slideway Lubricants

We offer you a comprehensive range of world-class slideway lubricants and product

Spindle Oils

We offer you a comprehensive range of world-class spindle oils and product

Compressor Oils

We offer you superior products for rotary screw and reciprocating compressors

Industrial Lubricants

These oils meet the requirements for a vast variety of industrial sectors of India ranging from defense

Automotive Engine Oils

Oil technologies must be kept up with change in modern technologies. Cauvery Petrochemicals brings

HLP Hydraulic oils

BestOils offers you a comprehensive range of world-class hydraulic oils

Soluble Cutting Oils

Best Cut (S) XL35 application is recommended for general purpose metal cutting operations on ferrous

Neat cutting Oils

Blended from specially selected base stocks and additives, designed to supply